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Attention Frustrated Business Owners:

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Profits By 300…400…even 700% — in just 12 Months!

What’s more, these cutting-edge strategies boost productivity 5X… slash your working
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Dear fellow entrepreneur,

Right now, a small group of unusual business owners are defying the odds and creating their own rules for success.

These renegade entrepreneurs have found a way to turn the tables on the sluggish economy. Their bottom-line profits are skyrocketing every year.  They’ve cracked the code to getting more done with less stress. And best of all, these renegade entrepreneurs are working less and less… and finally enjoying the fruits of their labour.

Their secret? A unique combination of motivational, marketing, and sales strategies that work together to create exponential growth.

What’s more, these tactics work in any industry or business.   They’re amazingly easy to put into place, too. And here’s the best part:

This is documented and PROVEN!

Used correctly, these strategies have a 100% success rate. Yes, that’s correct: 100%.

Amazingly, the average business owner who uses this system sees their bottom line profits double in as little as 12 months.

And that’s the average.  Many entrepreneurs see increases of 3X…4X…even 7X! And they do it while working less and enjoying more time away from their business—no phone, no email and no worries.

On top of that, these renegade entrepreneurs also slash their expenses by more than $100,000 a year with productivity increases up to as much as 500%.  And they continue to enjoy this exponential growth year after year.

And when you know these secrets, you can do the same.  You can magnetically attract ready-to-act prospects who are pre-sold on the value of your services.  You can easily convert skeptical prospects into “raving fan” clients.  And best of all, you can finally have the free time to enjoy your success.

And when you know these secrets, you can also…

    This is REALLY clever...
  • Unlock the hidden profit centers in your business. Just one profit centre can create a steady stream of new, hassle-free income… that pours into your bank account month after month after month. Once you know where to find them, you can unlock them one after the other.
  • Generate up to 5X more leads—while slashing your marketing expenses to the bone. Just use these low cost and no-cost online strategies to get more qualified prospects to come to you instead of your competitors. Best of all, no advanced computer skills needed!
  • Get skeptical prospects to pay top dollar for your services—even if you’re charging 3 times more than your competitors.
  • Break free from the “entrepreneur’s prison”. Simple ways to take back control of your time, your business and your life.
  • Discover the “virtual ATM” hiding in your business. Just do this and add up to $3,000+ in “hands free” profits each month! Easy to set up and works in almost any business.
  • And much more…

The amazing true story of one struggling entrepreneur who turned his business around almost overnight

Amazing Entrepreneurial Breakthrough

Gavin BuckettMaybe all of that that sounds hard to believe.  It might even sound too good to be true. And I completely understand.

In fact, if you told me a few short years ago that I’d see the kind of results stated above, I’d be the first to say you were nuts.  But then I met Dr Marc Dussault.

My name is Gavin Buckett. I own a small business specialising in food safety training.  I know, I know—it doesn’t sound very exciting.  But it’s my passion.

You see, I used to be a chef.  And when you work in kitchens long enough, you see some really horrifying practices: food left unrefrigerated for hours… cooking pots and pans with thick crusts of grime and gunk… and even food getting dropped on the floor, brushed off and served to a paying customer!

(And don’t think this sort of stuff only happens at dives.  I’ve seen it happen in high-end restaurants, too! )

So I decided to start my own business to show restaurant owners the most cost-effective ways to keep their kitchens spotless, their staff happy and their customers safe so they come back again and again.

But I was in for a rude awakening…

Like most new business owners, I assumed my connections in the industry and a little bit of advertising would have clients beating a path to my door.

What I expected..

Nothing could be further from the truth.  You see, while I had plenty of technical skills when it came to creating a safe, efficient and profitable restaurant… I had no idea how to promote and market my business… handle sales calls… or avoid tyre-kickers.

But I was willing to work hard. And frankly, I was simply too pig-stubborn to know when to quit.  I relied on sheer willpower and a "never-say-die" mindset.

And like many business people, I learned everything on the job.  I taught myself how to market.  I figured out how to close sales (sort of).  And I tried to figure out the basics of bookkeeping, graphic design and managing employees.

Amazingly, it worked.  During the first few years, my business grew steadily.  And before I knew it, I was making a respectable living doing something I loved. 

But there was just one problem: I was trapped in a cycle of trading time for dollars. No matter how hard I worked, there simply wasn’t enough time in the day.  And eventually, I hit an “invisible wall” that stopped my business’ growth cold.

How to break free from the “Entrepreneur’s Prison”

Ever Feel Trapped By Your Business?

Looking back, my business had become a prison.  Sure, I was making a good living.  But I was working 60…70…even 80 hours a week.  I never saw my wife or my young children. 

Too many to-do's!Most nights I found myself wide awake, worrying about everything I had to do tomorrow.  I was constantly tired and run-down.  And no matter what I did, the mountain of “to-dos” never seemed to get any smaller.

In short, I was stuck.  I loved the idea of owning my own business.  But the reality was something very different.  And I was starting to lose hope that things would ever get better.

Then I met Dr Marc Dussault. That’s when everything changed. 

You see, Marc showed me a few simple strategies— strategies that weren’t hard to put into place.  They didn’t require a ton of time or money. In fact, they actually cost less than what I was doing that wasn’t working and took less time and effort to implement. Like I said, it almost sounds too good to be true… But it’s for real, keep reading because…  

Get QUICK WINS Like These...

… before I knew it, things started to change.  For example, I …

  • Magnetically attracted 119 qualified prospects in just 30 days—using a simple marketing system that works even when I'm asleep.
  • Doubled my bottom-line profits in just 10 months—while working less and spending more time with my wife and young children.
  • Boosted my productivity by dumping 70% of my day-to-day office “grunt work”. Just imagine what that could do for your business—and your sanity!
  • Increased my closing rate with new prospects by 300%.  That’s 3 times more paying clients... without spending a dime in advertising!
  • Boosted my advertising ROI a whopping 500%—just by making one change in how I spent my marketing budget.
  • Increased pricing and added premium services—boosting my average income per client. What’s more, I don’t work with pain-in-the-butt clients any more—ever.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Over the next 24 months, the real power of Marc’s Exponential Growth strategies really started to kick in.

Here’s where I am today:

...And Long-Term Results.

My bottom line profits have continued to grow every year. In fact, last year we made more in each quarter than we used to make in the entire financial year!  That’s a huge 400% increase in profits. And that’s on top of the 2X profit boost I just told you about.


I have a 2-month waiting list of eager, highly qualified clients.  I literally can’t meet the demand for our services. In fact, I no longer run my most profitable ads because of the flood of leads they generate.


I have a rapidly growing database of over 1,500 pre-qualified prospects that want to do business with me. What’s more, I’m converting 8 out of 10 new prospects into paying clients… without discounting.  In fact, we charge a premium for our services! 

Multiple Streams

I'm creating multiple streams of income.  Today, I’m not just working with local restaurants.  I’ve expanded nationally across Australia… started selling food safety equipment overseas… and purchased an additional business that complements my offering to clients and supplements my income nicely. 


Best of all, I have more flexibility to work when I want. Our family just had an unfortunate health challenge that lasted 2 years and would have bankrupted me if I hadn’t had all of the systems and processes in place that Marc taught me. The best part is that with the much needed flexibility, I was able to take care of my family when they needed me the most.

Honestly, I never could have imagined my life would look like this.  But I’m not unique. In fact, Marc has helped hundreds of frustrated entrepreneurs unlock their true potential.   

Here are just a few examples:

PROVEN Across Multiple Industries!
  • A small Melbourne jeweler who used a special “windfall technique” to pull $55,000 out of thin air in just a few hours!
  • The Sydney software company that doubled conversions and created an extra $150,000 profit in just 6 months…without discounting! 
  • How a struggling personal trainer turned $1,000 into $10,000… in just 30 days!
  • 3 hours + $1,000=$150,000 in new business.  Sound impossible?  It’s not, as long as you use the same proven marketing formula used by this health care provider. 
  • How one consultant went from nearly broke to making $6,000 in one hour (yes, one hour).  The key to this simple tactic is that it creates massive value for your customers so it’s a win-win proposition.
  • And many, many more…

But there’s a good reason why Marc is able to help so many entrepreneurs produce these kinds of amazing results.

You see, Marc isn’t your run-of-the-mill business coach. He has 5 university degrees, including an engineering degree an MBA and a law degree. But make no mistake, he’s no leather-patched academic, he has plenty of real-world experience.  In fact, Marc has built dozens of successful businesses, including ASX and NASDAQ listed firms.  

Most importantly, Marc has shown thousands of business owners like you a better way to boost profits, slash their working hours, and finally restore sanity and balance to their lives.

And now you can experience these amazing results first-hand—working with Marc during a special invitation-only workshop in CITY.

You’ll hear more about this special event in a moment. But first, I’d like to let Marc explain why these business-building strategies are so effective. 

A personal message from Dr Marc Dussault:

The only way to guarantee 3X growth in your business …year after year!

Stories like Gavin’s aren’t unusual.  In fact, almost every business owner can make these kinds of radical improvements. 

The secret is what I call Exponential Growth Strategies. You see, there’s a specific set of techniques that practically guarantee your success.  All you have to do is apply them correctly and in the right sequence

When you do, you’ll be amazed at the results.   You can increase your bottom-line profits 3X…5X…even 10X in as little as 12 to 24 months.  You can dramatically increase your productivity, getting more done in less time.  And you can finally enjoy  more free time with your family, friends, and loved ones—without feeling guilty about all the “to-dos” back at the office.

That’s what my Exponential Growth Strategies are all about.  And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you attend my upcoming seminar, the Exponential Business Growth Summit 2013.

Special LIVE Event:

Dr Marc Dussault's Exponential Business Growth Summit 2013

On 12th October, 19th October & 9th November 2013, I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal the proven business-building strategies responsible for Gavin’s amazing success.

I’ll give you my best-kept secrets on how to get more 5X more leads—while slashing your marketing expenses.  I’ll reveal how you can double and even triple your income in 12 to 24 months—while working less.  And I’ll show you how you can finally break free from “Entrepreneur’s Prison” and enjoy free time you—and your family—deserve.

You’ll also discover…

This Stuff Will SHOCK You!!
  • How to create a tidal wave of new business in record time. The secret is simple and esy-to-implement strategy, used by top CEOs and Olympic champions. Less than one business owner in a thousand knows this information which is why it’s still retains its massive power.
  • A simple way to get other people to help your grow your business for free. In fact, if you do it right, they’ll even pay you for the privilege…as long as you know what to do and the most common mistakes to avoid.
  • Skyrocket your productivity 200... 300… even 500%—without hiring new staff. You’ll figure out how to work less without compromising your results.
  • How to “legally steal” your competitor’s customers… and profit handsomely while you do it! Works in just 30 days and costs as little as $300! It’s totally ethical, too.
  • Turn $500 into $50,000 in 12 months or less. The key is this “secret” marketing system used by today’s most successful companies.
  • The best way to get skeptical prospects to pay top dollar for your services—even if you’re charging twice or three times as much as your competitors. Amazing!
  • How anyone can easily create cash windfalls of $10,000… $20,000… even $50,000—by finding the hidden assets and overlooked opportunities in your business. Proven to work in any industry!
  • And much more…

And don’t worry: these tactics aren’t based on academic theories about what “should” work in the rough-and-tumble business world.  They’ve been tested by thousands of my clients over the years.  And they work 100% of the time.

Yes, that’s correct:  every single person who has applied these high-level business-building strategies tactics has succeeded beyond their wildest imagination. 

But frankly, that’s not surprising. You see, these are the same tactics I teach my elite $50,000-a-year Platinum clients. And when people shell out $50,000 a year, they’re not paying for feel-good coaching: they’re paying for results.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to pay $50,000 to learn these strategies. 

Actually, you won’t have to pay $25,000… $10,000… or even $5,000.   In fact,  you won’t even have to pay $1,000 to learn these powerful profit-boosting tactics.

You see, right now you can attend my Exponential Business Growth Summit (normally valued at $995/seat) without paying a cent!

That’s right: this amazing business-building summit is…

…100% Free of Charge!

Why would I give all this amazing information for free?  Simple.  It’s a bribe.  A shameless bribe to get you to “test drive” my Platinum Program Exponential Mastermind Experience.

You see, rather than giving you a sales pitch, I’m going to let you experience the power of these strategies for yourself.  Once you see the difference they can make in your business—and your life—I’m confident you’ll want to join my long list of award-winning clients.

But don’t worry—you won’t have to sit a 6-hour-long sales pitch. This live event is 100% useful, practical content.  There’s no fluff, no untested academic theories, and no “spruiker-speak”.  In fact, at the Exponential Business Growth Summit, there’s…

…Absolutely NO pitching… NO pressure… and NO strings attached

Look, I know these kinds of results sound incredible—even unbelievable. 
And the truth is, anyone can make big claims.  So I could tell you about my clients’ exponential business growth until I’m blue in the face and it wouldn’t do a bit of good.

So I’m not going to tell you about how I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs like you.  Instead, I’m going to show you exactly how to use these powerful concepts and strategies in your own business.  

And after I share all of this valuable information, I’m simply going step back and let you decide for yourself that you want more of what you’ve seen and you’ll make the logical and smart decision to become a client.

There’s no pitch and no pressure. You get everything you need to transform your business in the next 12 months—free of charge and with no strings attached.

Why not claim your complimentary tickets today? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just fill out the form below and claim your seat at the Exponential Business Growth Summit now.

But there is one, small catch…

Frankly, the Exponential Business Growth Summit isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s designed specifically for highly motivated, action-oriented entrepreneurs who want to make a massive change in their business and their quality of life. 

You’ll have your beliefs about personal success challenged.  You’ll be asked to stretch your idea of what’s “realistic” for your business. And you’ll be expected to put in the effort to make the most of this opportunity.

But when you walk out the door, you’ll leave with a bundle of powerful business-building ideas you can put into action right away.  You’ll have the chance to experience the power of these strategies first hand. And I’m confident you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Would you throw away $10,000?

Would you throw $10,000 away?I guarantee that every Platinum client will add $150,000 in new profits in their first 12 months.  That’s 3X their investment.  All they have to do is follow my step-by-step plan.

Of course, I can’t give you all the tips, tactics and strategies my Platinum members get in 12 months of coaching in a 6-hour live seminar. That would be physically impossible. 

But I can give you a birds-eye view of how these strategies work… you can cherry-pick the most effective ones … and you can apply them in your business now.

In fact, I’m so confident that I know that anyone who applies just ONE of the business-building strategies I share during the Exponential Business Growth Summit will make an additional $10,000 within the next 90 days.

And since your admission to the Exponential Business Growth Summit is 100% FREE, there’s no downside.

In other words—missing the Exponential Business Growth Summit is like throwing away $10,000 in cash!  Would you do that? Of course not!

But that’s exactly what will happen if you wait too long to register
Since this is a live event, we need to book a venue. Each venue has limited seating.  Once those seats are gone… they’re gone.

You’ll miss your chance to experience these amazing business-building strategies first hand.  And frankly, that could cost you a lot more than $10,000 in missed opportunities and wasted time.

Please don’t miss this golden opportunity. Claim your complimentary ticket (normally $995) now. Just fill out the form below to get started.

Which path will you choose?

Right now, you have a choice: You can continue working long hours, missing out on time with your family and loved ones and putting in more and more effort for less and less in return…

You can continue watching your health deteriorate… your stress levels rise… and spend night after night staring at the ceiling worrying about everything you have to do tomorrow…

You can continue to watch the days and weeks roll by without seeing any real, measurable improvements in your business… hoping things will finally turn the corner…

…or you can come to the
Exponential Business Growth Summit
for FREE

Marc on StageWhen you do, you’ll get access to the same success strategies I use to catapult my $50,000-a-year Platinum clients to new levels of success. You’ll see how to use them in your business and increase your profits and productivity.  You’ll discover how to finally restore sanity and balance in your life.

Imagine never having to miss out on dinner with your spouse or your child’s play, match or recital.  Never having to apologize—again—for being not being there.

Imagine rekindling the energy and passion you had for your business when you first started.  Imagine waking up every morning eager and excited to jump out of bed, full of energy and ready to tackle your day.

And imagine the security of knowing this month will be better than the last.  That next month will be better than this one. And knowing that by this time next year, you’ll be sitting on a windfall of new profits—and enjoying a business that pays you rather than costing you your health, spirit and maybe your family.

Remember, your ticket to the Exponential Business Growth Summit is 100% free of charge.  You don’t have to buy anything, ever.  You get the critical business-building information you need without any hassles or pressure.

Claiming your complimentary pass is easy and only takes a few seconds. Just fill out the form below and let us know you’re coming. We’ll send your personal ticket/pass and your attendance instructions right away.

See you there!

Onward and upward!

Dr Marc Dussault
Dr Marc Dussault
The Exponential Growth Strategist

P.S.—When you claim your FREE ticket to the Exponential Business Growth Summit, you get access to the same business-building strategies my Platinum members pay $50,000 a year for. 

You’ll be able to test-drive them at no cost… experience how effective they are at boosting profits and productivity… and reap the rewards.  All for free and without any pitching, pressure, or hassles.

Click here now to claim your FREE ticket to the Exponential Business Growth Summit.




Dr Marc Dussault

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When my database had 157 prospects, I had 42 registrations and 17 people attend my webinar. Using what I learned at the Killer Kopywriting™ Workshop, I placed a 'hot topics' opt-in on the registration page and my new campaign increased my database to 322 with 109 registrations and 57 attending my webinar! All it took was creating a good landing page and including relevant parts of it in my email - thanks Marc!

Karen Bonanno

Karen Bonanno

6 Weeks, 1 Email,
300% Improvement

Within 6 weeks of meeting Dr Marc Dussault we applied one single strategy to communicate more effectively with our clients in Adelaide to triple the amount of people that came to our specific training for engineers in that location, WITHOUT discounting the price.

Gavin Altus

Gavin Altus
Engineering Education Australia

From Page 4 to 1 in
Google in 9 Hours!

Marc, in the last 9 hours since you tagged my name on your Movember post in your Personal Mastery Blog, I moved from page 4 to page 1 on Google when I type "James Grima"... I knew this stuff worked, but I never would have thought the results could be that FAST and FURIOUS. The best part - it's for a great cause (prostate cancer and depression awareness) and it's FREE!

James Grima

James Grima
Founder and CEO

We've Increased Sales 40% By STOPPING Our Advertising

We've increased sales 40% WHILE saving $2,800 in wasteful advertising in 3 months. It's taken us a while to learn that you can achieve MORE by DOING less. We're getting it now and loving it!

Neville Goncalves

Neville Goncalves

Engineering Firm Gets 239 Applicants To Fill Position!

Hi Marc, I just wanted to give you a quick update on the recent Seek ad that you edited for me. The results were amazing! 14,430 viewed the summary of the ad. 1,136 viewed the full ad. 239 applied for the position. Plus, as you know, we had people go through our new website page you set up. Historically, we had less than 100 apply for a position like this. So you can imagine how THRILLED we are!

Jocelyn Donovan

Jocelyn Donovan
Donovan Associates

Attendee Doubles Sales
Within 12 Months!

I realised that I had that exponential mindset for a very long time, I had just forgotten it and was caught up in ‘reality’. So, after leaving the boardroom meeting I really began to look at how I was thinking/feeling internally, my limiting beliefs around success and money and my own unconscious competence. Well, in the last year, I am happy to report that we have doubled our income and turnover. We are also going to be launching out online management software in the next 6 months, change our business model to be a software as a service company (as opposed to service based) to start generating a residual income while we sleep!! So, I just wanted to genuinely thank you again for being who you are and reminding me again of what it takes to create extra-ordinary results. You are still making a difference, even if it was ‘just’ a boardroom meeting ;)

Kate Haskett

Kate Haskett

Jeweller Finds Gold
Nuggets at Workshop

Just wanted to say thank you very much for the workshop today, I had a great time and really feel I got a hell of a lot out of it. To be honest it was nothing like what I expected, it was much better, mainly because of the depth of level it was presented at. Having never done anything like this before, I was expecting something more along the lines of how to structure sentances, headline creation and so on. I was pleasantly surprised with the morning’s content, the pathways to profit was fantastic along with the role play that you did... I really liked the afternoon content too, the system will be so easy to implement. I also can’t wait to review fully the feedback that I got from the group on the examples I brought in. Thanks again.

Sam Kritsotakis

Sam Kritsotakis