Antimimeticisomorphism – The Presentation

An Exponential Mindset™
means having fun doing
out-of-the- ordinary things that create extra- ordinary results
with the least amount of effort and lowest cost.

This 43 minute session was recorded LIVE at a recent Dental Industry Exhibition where attendees were introduced to the concept of Exponential MasterMind Thinking also known as Antimimeticisomorphism

Get comfortable, get yourself a pen and paper, pour yourself a nice hot cup of tea or a mug of coffee and watch this video to discover…

  • The ‘secret language’ you must master if you want to create instant rapport and start conversations on the right foot with new prospects. (01:28)
  • The little-known mindset that can help you flood your business with cash-in-hand clients or in the case of this audience, patients THIS WEEK! (02:37)
  • Within the first 3 minutes, I reveal how you can accomplish more while working LESS in your business. (03:00)
  • Antimimeticisomorphism – How to stop your competitors from ‘pick pocketing’ your customers! (03:23)
  • How to get EXTRA-ordinary results in your business – the kind of results that will have people on pins and needles every time they come to see you. (04:34)
  • A sneaky little secret top gun marketers use to dominate your industry and earn the lion’s share of profits. (05:00)
  • 10 Antimimeticisomorphic examples that show you how to out-smart your competitors on a shoestring budget! (05:17)
  • AMAZING! A sobering and mindset-shifting video that will open your eyes and show you what you have to do differently TODAY if you want to be in business tomorrow. (07:07)
  • A simple way to predict the future of your industry, market sector and/or even your business. (14:01)
  • OUCH! The REASON WHY you produce mediocre results in your business again and again as if you were programmed for failure. (15:20)
  • A ‘counter-clockwise’ question you must ask yourself if you want to crank up your sales in record time ! (16:40)
  • Incredible marketing tools and strategies that will take you from an absolute rookie to a master marketer in just a few short hours . (17:55)
  • How to double and triple your sales and profits in the next 12-24 months! (18:45)
  • How to have a 20/20 foresight to prevent the problems that you didn’t even know you were going to have that could seriously affect your business unless you take immediate action. (19:45)
  • Why people don’t read your ads, brochures and sales letters and a simple solution to change that in a matter of MINUTES. (20:45)
  • The 4 Quadrants Of Knowledge that can take you, your sales people, and your company into the n.e.x.t level FAST ! (21:39)
  • How to improve your core competencies by a whopping 3,778 times in just 12 short months! (25:05)
  • How to become a killer business growth strategist and pocket hefty commissions as clients trip over themselves to hire your services! (26:18)
  • If you feel trapped in your business working long-hour days and want a way out, here’s what to do BEFORE you run yourself into the ground. (26:28)
  • 3 Antimimeticisomorphism case studies that will stretch your mind, explode your sense of possibility and save you BIG BUCKS on advertising. (26:58)
  • How to turn your waiting area into customer transformation locale that breeds more customer loyalty and attracts HOT fresh leads for your business . (31:10)
  • How to position yourself as an expert in your field by simply taking a peek in your closet. (31:38)
  • How to use awards and accolades to grow your business without spending a dime . (31:52)
  • How to stand out above the crowd and blow your competitors out of the water. (33:49)
  • The reason you aren’t having fun in your business and how to get your passion and enthusiasm back. (34:18)
  • 3 ideas to create more ‘fun’ in your business that will make you laugh all the way to the bank (34:33)
  • How to subconsciously compel people to buy your products! (38:13)
  • How to get people to gravitate towards you and your business like a magnet. (39:40)
  • How leaders get and STAY ahead of the pack. (40:26)
  • 2 powerful ‘words of wisdom’ that will take your business to the next level GUARANTEED. (41:16)


Onward and Upward!
Dr Marc Dussault's Signature

Dr Marc Dussault
Exponential Growth Strategist

Go on, try to say it… Anti – mimetic – iso – morphism.



Download a 3-page full-colour MindMap of the presentation

Download a 3-page full-colour MindMap of the presentation

MindMapping is one of the Exponential Strategies that we teach our clients to leverage to not only learn faster, but also remember for a longer period of time. In this 'information age' of increasing data and the need to keep on top of it all, MindMapping is a highly effective technique that is also a lot of fun.

Download the MindMaps now
- they're in PDF format.

This bonus is offered to you to demonstrate that if you're looking for someone to help you grow your business and you want different results than you've been producing, you need to do things differently. MindMapping is just one of many strategies we use to Unleash The Exponential Potential™ that is within you and your business. It's just a question of creating that catalyst, which hopefully has been this presentation! Contact us to determine what your Next Best Step™ is to create more Pathways To Profits™ in your business.