Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some of the most frequently asked questions. If you're question isn't answered here, please feel free to contact us.

I want to get started. What is the application procedure?

To get started today, please contact us and we will provide all the necessary information.

How much time will the Platinum Program take?

This is a great question that is best answered with a metaphor. If I was to teach you to play the Piano, I would have to take you OUT of your business to teach you how to read music, play the scales and learn the basics...

With the Platinum Program’s design – you REMAIN WITHIN YOUR BUSINESS OR WEBSITE, with a focus of working ON the business rather than IN the business. By discovering BETTER ways to do things, you will spend LESS time getting stuff done and will use Exponential Time Management strategies to be much more effective, getting 3 times more done in 1/2 the time.

That being said, the commitment is to be dedicated to the 1 Percent Improvement Doctrine that compounds results incrementally and exponentially. You’ll have one lesson (delivered by e-mail) every day to concentrate on. It will take 1 to 3 minutes to read and the rest of the day to reflect on and apply - WHILE you keep doing whatever you do in your business or website.

Every week, you’ll have something to do or work on – once again IN/ON your business. The time it takes to do will be rewarded by the BETTER RESULT you will produce in the same or LESS time – making or saving more money ‘instantly’. These ‘things’ might be reading a PDF document, listening to an audio or video program – WHEN it’s convenient for you. Leveraging your ‘down time’ effectively and efficiently.

Every month, you get to attend a Workshop or Event – they are all included in the program tuition. These are your chance to MasterMind with the Program Director Dr Marc Dussault and other Platinum Program Members. This is when the rubber hits the road so-to-speak. It’s where the breakthroughs happen.

You also have the unique opportunity to get on the phone with Marc and other members every month to discuss anything that is pertinent and relevant to you and get quick, instant answers so you can move on to the next level/stage of results.

To be completely fair – you can’t do everything that is offered and attend all events and workshops – the point is for you to ‘cherry pick’ what is most relevant to what you are working on. Especially now that you have access to both streams of content – Business and Internet Marketing strategies.

The bottom line is this --- The Platinum Program is NOT a burden to entrepreneurs and business owners on top of what they already have to do. In fact 1 out of 5 Members in the Program is already a millionaire or multi-millionaire seeking more life balance. An Exponential Mindset Enthusiast knows it’s not about making more money at any cost – but doing so with... THE LEAST AMOUNT OF EFFORT.

This program will get you to do MORE with a lot less effort – every single member is busy running their business. Every year there is one member who buys a new business to add to his or her wealth generation portfolio. That can’t be possible if the program is a burden can it?

What is the Platinum Program?

The Platinum Program is a unique MasterMind Experience that provides you with EVERYTHING you need to know to unleash exponential growth and profitability in either your business, by mastering cutting-edge sales, marketing, management and business growth strategies or on the Internet holding you by the hand providing you with EVERYTHING you need to know to Unleash Exponential Growth and Profitability in your Internet Business or Online Sales Channel, by Mastering Cutting-Edge Traffic Lead Generation, Conversion and Client Management Strategies

As such, membership in the program is conditional since we cannot afford to allow anyone entry to the program whom we don’t believe can succeed...

I am mediocre at sales – should I join?

You can look forward to an advanced sales workshop where we will get right down to the nitty gritty of effective sales presentations and into setting up the success of the sale in advance, so you virtually can’t miss… plus you will get simple but powerful telephone selling techniques, scripts, qualifying processes… in fact, virtually everything you need to turn your business into a “selling machine”!

How do you guarantee results?

The results guarantee is based on simple and clear-cut mutual performance obligations. If, after the Platinum Program you don’t TRIPLE your investment, Exponential Programs will reimburse you 100% of your investment and an additional 100% of the program fee, which is a 100% return on your investment.

Of course, to qualify for this guarantee you must pass the entry requirements to gain membership into the program and meet a series of action and performance milestones as specified on the guarantee page.

My business is struggling to survive – should I join the program?

If you are literally struggling to survive and wondering where the money to pay your staff and essential bills will come from, then this program is probably not for you.

However, if your business is (like many businesses) under-performing or marginal, the Platinum Program may be just what you need.

We will even teach you how to sell a loss making or borderline business for a substantial profit. If you want to explode your profits and personal income… If you want your results guaranteed.... If you want to be seriously rich and truly become a Multi-Millionaire in less than 2 years, you can’t afford to miss this one of a kind business-changing program. Your results are DOUBLE guaranteed.

Please note that this program is not about resuscitating a dying patient. If the program tuition is a BIG stretch, it’s not for you.

Why 12 to 24 months…?

The Platinum Program is delivered in a carefully paced series of modules over 12 months, each one building on the one before. You either start in the Business or Internet stream and switch over at the end of the 12 months.

You are required to attend the advanced workshops every month. At each workshop, you will focus on just one key concept in detail to learn exactly how to implement it in your business.

From developing a laser-focussed Unique Selling Proposition to hiring good people for your company, improving your negotiation skills, creating advertising that works, growing your business through referrals, improving your ‘conversion rates’ and optimising your business at virtually zero marketing costs.

Can you help me prepare my business for sale?

Yes. In fact we have people constantly asking to buy successful businesses. We only recommend Platinum Member Businesses.

I am already snowed under with work - how will I find the time?

People work hard in their business and their job, but not the most important part of life - their future!

This is NOT an additional burden – in fact some Platinum Members are millionaires already, just looking to work LESS without compromising on their income/revenue goals.

I have a great business but awful staff – what can I do?

Bad staff on board is like a sinking ship with no crew. You need to act quickly or risk losing your business and your shirt when push comes to shove.

We don’t do ‘company turnarounds’ If you have bad staff, you need to get rid of them. We can’t make a ‘bad’ company ‘good’. We focus uniquely on making GOOD companies EXCELLENT and EXCELLENT companies OUTSTANDING.

Take care of your problems and come see us when you’ve cleaned up shop and are ready to GROW your business.

I am an employee with an income of $50K to $90K and want to crack the 6 or 7 figure barrier. Can I join the program?

Yes. With NO RISK, the Business Mastery Program requires that you have the right mindset, attitude and potential for success.

Due to the performance guarantees involved, Exponential Programs reserves the right to refuse anyone entry to the program at its sole and unilateral discretion without explanation or justification. This program is geared toward action oriented individuals and businesses that want to and are committed to doing whatever it takes to make this their best year ever.

I am not sure if this is for me but I am interested. How can I find out more?

Please contact us to have your questions about the program answered.

I don’t think there is anything unique about my business. Can you help me?

Most businesses languish because they don’t clearly and compellingly articulate WHY their customers or clients or patients should deal with them. As part of this program you will attend an advanced workshop where Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist will help you hone your skills in ‘dimensionalising’ who you are as an organization and what you stand for. You will create the seeds of a compelling Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that will set you apart in the marketplace, and make it extremely difficult for your competitors to keep up with you. That will enable you to charge what you are truly worth.

What makes this program different from other business coaching programs?

The Platinum Program has two elements that differentiate and elevate it beyond any other coaching program.

  1. The Platinum Program is called “Business and Internet Mastery” to extend way beyond marketing to encompass, include and envelop the exponential mindset in organisational behaviour, finance, sales, client service, negotiation and personal development. With this wider scope, your results will be multiplied ten-fold.
  2. Accountability is paramount – you will no longer be left ‘on your own’ to figure stuff out – if you get around to it. Each month, you will have to deploy strategies IN YOUR BUSINESS OR WEBSITE, measure, track and report back to the group... Can you imagine what that will mean to your results? It’s like reading a book for fun and reading it to pass an exam – TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT experiences and TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT RESULTS.

Real, tested, GUARANTEED results, not theory.

Absolutely no other business or Internet marketing program offers the same hands on, revenue-generating advice, anywhere in Australia.

I’m great at what I do but I’m no good at marketing – can you help?

We will take you behind the scenes, share and teach you some of the most effective, tested and proven marketing techniques, strategies and tactics available today. We will show you exactly how to do it since our payoff is directly linked with yours.

If you have the right mindset, we have all the tools you need to make your dreams a reality.

How are you able to provide such a powerful guarantee?

We know the process works, if you apply it. The Platinum Program provides you with hands-on assistance AND the accountability you need to get results.

Can you help me develop strategic partnerships that I can turn into profits?

We will not only help you form profitable strategic partnerships but also teach you to have other successful businesses endorse your products or services to their clients.

Being part of the Platinum Program you will get to mastermind and collaborate with other, ambitious and highly driven business owners and entrepreneurs who, like you, want immediate exponential growth.

Can my business partner or key staff participate in the program?

Yes. One additional partners/spouse or colleague can participate in the program at no additional charge as long as they are involved with the company’s performance outcomes on an official, documented basis (in other words, there is no doubling up of non-related persons or entities).

I have a great business idea - can you help me fund it?

No. We focus on REAL BUSINESSES – not empty dreams. Sorry. Everyone’s got the next ‘great idea’ and we’re focused with our feet on the ground supporting REAL BUSINESSES get going and growing as fast as possible.

I can’t afford the program – should I still join?

If you are more concerned about the cost of the program than the earning potential, this program is probably not for you. However, if your business has at least $250,000 in revenue / $ 50,000 in annual profit, you have the financial means to qualify.

Remember, your downside is 100% protected and your upside is unlimited.

If you want to learn about effective tax strategies to help you pay for the program, download our 2 part Tax Deduction Tips resource now.

Part 1
Part 2

I am already successful. Why should I join?

If you want to take your company to a brand new, higher level and see what’s really possible… we will show you how you can revolutionise your business into a powerful multi-million dollar enterprise and once and for all create a truly inspired, passionate and fulfilled personal and business life!

We will help you to retire sooner with more money than you thought possible. We will stretch your mind and help you focus on bigger, more grandeur goals and accomplishments.

Plus, we can teach you how to fund any concept or idea you have, and even raise millions of dollars for your new business by listing your company on a primary or secondary stock exchange, without using any of your own money.