ATTENTION SUPER ACHIEVERS: Learn the strategies of the super successful over-achievers who seem to coast through life effortlessly, surpassing their peers with stunning ease without sacrificing their health and wellbeing whilst ticking off goal after goal after goal…

Dear Fellow Super Achiever,

Personal Mastery is part of the “Executive Stream” of Exponential Programs curricula that focuses on YOU rather than your business, the Internet or your career.

This program is specifically geared for self-confessed over-achievers. If you are not a Super Achiever, skip this part of the website.

When I mean Super Achiever, I mean it.

This curriculum is aimed at people who want to achieve 3, 4 or 5 times more in ½ the time and with a fraction of the effort.

It is possible because others are doing it right now.

You already know my results that speak for themselves, so I am living proof that this stuff works. If you’re not sure, click here to get a sense of my accomplishments.

I have put together unique content you won’t find anywhere else with the exponential twist you’ve come to expect from the World’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist.

The strategies and techniques I will share with you in the Personal Mastery Program have been developed over the past 20 years to give me financial independence at age 42, not have a sick day in 20 years and become a ‘Top 20’ world-ranked squash player while enjoying 25 years with a loving, supportive wife who has travelled with me to more than 36 countries.

This is not traditional ‘personal development’ rah-rah positive mental attitude and motivational stuff. It goes way beyond that.

I won’t re-invent the wheel.

I’ll have you read and listen to the masters of this industry – Anthony Robbins, Dr John Gray, Deepak Chopra and many others you may not be familiar with.

I will then exponentialise it to the next level of understanding, so you can take action and MASTER the SKILLS that will propel you forward like never before.

BUT, this is not for the timid or apprehensive.

If you’re not a super-achiever, this program is just not for you. I don’t mean any disrespect, but it’s not. If Exponential Marketing Strategies are steroids for your business or career, what I teach in the Personal Mastery Program is Pure Performance Adrenaline.

Just like in sport, there are countless spectators, many athletes who get on the field to play, but there are only a select few who become champions.

This program is for you is you’re one of the select few who wants to become a leader, a champion and regain control of your personal life, get back in the driver’s seat of you financial destiny as an achiever a Super Achiever.

This program is for you if are bold and brave or feel the drive to step up and become more adventurous and stretch yourself to claim what’s been out of your reach until now…

This is not for you if you’re mild or timid.

You must, deep down in your gut, believe in yourself and know that with the proper training, assistance and guidance that you are up to becoming more than you are -- that level of self-belief is really the ONLY pre-requisite for the program.

The rest can be learned.

Are you ready?

There is no turning back unless you want to relive your past and keep getting the same results.

You’re Either Reasons or Your’re Results

It’s that simple. I will teach you how to get rid of the reasons so your results start to improve ‘instantly’.

You’re Rules or You’re Rewards

I will teach you how to leverage Anthony Robbins’ transformational vocabulary, exponentially, so you can effortlessly convert your restrictive rules into rewards that will impress everyone around you.

Go on and pick a program, product or event right now.

A Super Achiever “never puts off until tomorrow what can be done today”. He/she knows about the "1-touch rule” that transforms analysis paralysis into a powerhouse of productivity.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about – start with the Silver Membership – you need to take BABY STEPS. This is basic ‘101’ stuff.

I don’t want you to be too successful too fast.